Private Mentorship with Nicola

'Shine' Virtual Organizing and Accountability program


Nicola works privately on an extremely limited basis.  If you are interested in working privately with Nicola in a Virtual Organizing capacity please message her on facebook messenger HERE and let her know! She will let you know the availability for her 1:1 coaching and accountability program, Shine.

Shine, is a 1:1 5 week mentoring program that will get you on the fast track to being a badass in the organizing department. It will bring you less stress, more clarity and a major sense of pride. So that you can clear the clutter from your life and from  your mind and get back to doing the things that make you shine.

It's for overwhelmed entrepreneurs, stressed out Mammy's, people who have been through trauma, divorce, death, etc. and need a helping hand and some support to help them find their way back to normal. Which will impact the lives of others in their home in the process.


Shine Includes:

- 5 weeks 1:1 mentorship with Nicola

- Weekly 30 minute coaching calls

- Daily email / Facebook Messenger

- Worksheets & checklists

- 90 minute planning session to start

- Actionable advice

- Accountability


End Result:

- Total confidence in your abilities to declutter and organize your home

- An organized home (we can focus on 1 room or many)

- Absolute house overhaul

- Get rid of alot of stress

- Get rid of alot of clutter



To have 24/7 access to me for 5 weeks should cost over $18,000 but you only pay a fraction of that.

You pay $887 Canadian dollars (or 3 payment of $299)

*Limited availability

Nicola only accepts 5 new clients per month to this program.Click HERE to message Nicola on Facebook Messenger, to see if there is any availability.