some of my favorite things


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Some of my favorite organizing products


If your closet gives you anxiety, a quick fix is to get all matching hangers! These black velvet ones are pretty much my go-to for most of my closet organizing projects. Especially the ones where we are tight on space. You get a lot more clothes to fit in your closet than the thick wooden or plastic ones.


Not forgetting about your pants/slacks/workout bottoms. Keep it classy with these easy access pant hangers. Easy on, easy off.

This item is called a hanger stacker. While your clothes are off having fun in the launderette, you don’t have to look at a pile of empty hangers in your closet. When your clothes do come back from the laundrette, make your clothes happy by swapping out the wire hangers for your nice wooden or slimline hangers that you have stored in this hanger stacker - easy peasy.

If you have one of those gigantic closets where you could probably host a small wedding, you’ll likely need a hanger and handbag retriever like this one, to save you falling while monkey climbing your way to the top or falling off your step ladder (the one you can never find)




Self Employed - this is the one I use.


Business filing - for any size business.

After a long day of hard work


I always come home after a full day of organizing and have a hot bath with Epsom salts and use this heated neck, back, and tummy massager! It takes out all the kinks and you can put as much pressure on it as you like using the arm rests. Then I’m good to go again for the following day.


Speaking of baths


If you’re anything like me, you wish you could soak right up to the top of the tub!! Well look what some genius invented! It’s totally amazing.


Waking up is not easy to do


How many alarms does a person need before they wake up? I won’t tell you my answer I’d shock you. I purchased this daylight alarm clock recently after my masseur recommended it to me and it’s been so fabulous! Over a gradual amount of time it slowly lights up the room to daylight, then after another period of time the radio comes on so you can listen to the news or music while you wake up. Then at night, I use the orange glow to relax before sleep.




I’m a Type 7 on the Eenneagram, this means I’m frazzled most of the time because I’m always buzzing with ideas. Which means I have endless to do lists and projects on the go. The Productivity Planner helps me focus and drill down on the most important tasks that need to be accomplished each day. I highly recommend this planner, I gift it all the time!




This is the actual vacuum I use, the floor literally shakes when you use it! Even when you think the floor is clean, this baby still sucks up so much unseen dust! Worth every penny.

The Dyson hand held is amazing for small areas or quickly hovering up an area. It’s great for an office or retail space. I always buy Dyson, I wouldn’t use any other vacuum.