FAQ | Hiring a Professional Organizer

Some common questions answered by your Professional Organizer


1. Will you make me throw away all of my stuff?

No chance! As much as that would help my job that is not how we roll! Your belongings are your belongings and it is nobody's place to tell you to get rid of them. I will offer support and advice and if necessary we can create a "think about it" place to house your belongings until you make a concrete decision.



2. Do you do all the organizing work for me?

You bet! I prefer to do one-on-one consultations. It works better if the client handles the items she wants to keep or pass along. But, once this part of the project is complete I mostly work alone or with my team to organize the space and create systems to help with future organizing or time management needs.



3. How much do you charge for organizing?

$390 for 1 full day in-home organizing session. If you would like to schedule an appointment click here, or e-mail

4. How long will it take to get me organized?

Everybody's requirements are different depending on the size of your home or office, how quickly you are able to purge and how much paperwork or items have built up. I can tell you one thing, it takes longer than the TV shows make it look! If you are on a time deadline we can send in a team of Professional Organizers but if you would rather take your time then that is okay too.



5. I am a very private person and need utmost confidentiality.

You have come to the right place. We value the fact that you allow a stranger into your home and we treat everything with respect and confidentiality. If requested we can sign a waiver to ensure satisfaction and put your mind at ease.



What geographical area do you work in?

We work in the GTA, in the City of Toronto, Canada.


more questions answered... (That you were afraid to ask)


What makes your organizing skills unique?

  • I offer a step-by-step program based on your organizing style. I create systems around your life and your movements throughout your day.

  • Getting mentally overwhelmed will no longer be part of your day to day existence. You will be more productive. You will have new methods to keep you on track. New organizing systems to keep you heading towards all those goals and dreams that you have.

  • My step-by-step organizing plan will blow you away! You will feel so refreshed and clear-headed afterward. You will finally have the organization tools to keep yourself motivated.


You will love your home and love your life again.


Your clutter will no longer be an issue, you will find a home for everything.



Signs you might need a professional organizer

  • Do you feel overwhelmed by the amount of stuff that has gathered in your home?

  • Does clutter make you feel stressed?

  • Are you "afraid" of your space?

  • Is your space making your feel sick and tired?

  • Is your lack of productivity negatively affecting all other areas of your life? i.e. Your marriage? Your children? Your business?

  • Are you constantly trying to learn organizing tips on Pinterest? You still can't seem to get organized, right?

  • Do you feel like you go through periods of being organized some months? Then lose momentum other months?

  • Are you struggling to find your keys in the morning and get to work on time?

  • Is clutter fogging your ability to leave the house?

  • When you are away from home, are you always thinking of how you are going to start organizing when you get home? Once you open the door, you just don't know where to start?

  • Are you forgetting to pay bills which incur late fees?

  • Are you missing important appointments?

  • Are you buying too much food at the grocery store? Or another pair of shoes because you forgot you had a similar pair in a box at home?

  • Are you neglecting home repairs and maintenance?


What will happen if you continue living the way you are now?


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