Manifesto Title.png

 I BELIEVE that our home should make us happy + relaxed.

I BELIEVE that women can do it all... if we ask for help.

I BELIEVE in community over competition.

I BELIEVE in radical generosity.

I BELIEVE minimalism is a snore fest (I tried it for a hot minute).

I BELIEVE you should say no, more than you say yes.

I BELIEVE in my muses Keir Dillon, Uncle Eugene + every old boss + coach I ever had who reached back and pulled me up.

I BELIEVE in old fashioned manners.

I BELIEVE in helping the less fortunate at every opportunity.

I BELIEVE suffering taught me compassion; in every difficult emotion there is a lesson, pain is our wisest teacher.

I BELIEVE in hand holding, big hugs, lots of tears and happy breakthroughs.

I BELIEVE the universe has our back.

I BELIEVE you are reading this for a reason.