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Virtual Organizing

I get to meet women from all over the world. Let’s jump on a video call and go through this thing together. This way, you get full control of everything.

How do we do that?

Video consulting (my fave and super effective - don’t worry I will show you how to get set up). Just fill in the form on the Contact Me page with all the essential information and then we hop on a Skype (or any of the gazillion video apps) and have a video call (don't worry, I'm super friendly!) and we literally go through your space together, virtually!  

But, what would we do?

  • Really look at your space and uncover what’s holding you back.

  • Give you an awesome plan to get you organized.

  • Follow up with an ass-kicking.

Yup - I’m watching you!!


In-home Organizing

I work with you or without you, in your home, while you sit and watch me, or help me, or go out and get your nails done! One way or another, the job gets done!

Hands-On Organizing

Women who choose to work one-on-one with me are investing in their personal growth to experience peace in their homes.

Given the sensitive nature of the work we do and the high level of trust it requires our clients to place in me and my team, you can be assured of 100% confidentiality when working with Space in the City.

Sessions include:

Hours your pro organizer spends in your home, plus:

  • Any additional time spent shopping for needed supplies.

  • Additional time spent designing layouts and organizing solutions.

  • Communication with you by phone or email.

  • Arranging appointments with other service providers.

  • Taking items to consignment.

  • Hauling trash or donation items after your session.

$550 for 1 full day in-home organizing session (you won't recognize the place)

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DIY Organizing Plans

You just need someone tell you where to start, what to buy, what to do with all the clutter and how to keep the motivation going.

The DIY Plan may be right for you if:

  • You want to get organized on your own time schedule.

  • You don't have any trouble staying focused on household tasks through to completion.

  • You love customized, personalized advice for your home, but you are on a budget.